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Washington DC Government office links

I thought that it would be nice if we could post some of Washington DC government offices important URLs along with a short description of what the landing page is about. 

Washington DC useful Government links

The official web site of the Government of the District of Columbia.

An information and referral service, intended to connect DC residents with appropriate social service agencies, public and private (Available in English and Spanish).
Official site of DC’s local elected legislative body. Includes information on Council members, organization, the legislative process, weekly calendar, and searchable access to the DC Code.
The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority provides water and sewer services for Washington. Site includes news, budgets and reports (PDF format), and information on water quality and sewers.
Promotes local artists, art organizations and arts activities. Site includes information on grants and on the art education program.
Provides information on driver’s licenses, auto registrations and auto inspections.
Official website of the District of Columbia Department of Health. Describes the agency’s programs; has news, health alerts and reports; and tells how to obtain vital records.

Program provides tuition subsidies to DC residents to attend private colleges in the Washington area and public colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Site has program information, downloadable applications and supporting documents (PDF format), and a list of eligible schools

ANCs are advisory boards, composed of residents elected from 37 neighborhood districts, which advise the DC government on policy issues affecting their particular community. Site covers the history and functions of ANCs and lists current members.

DC election and voting information. Includes location of polling places, recent election results and voter registration statistics. Download and print voter registration, absentee ballot request, and other forms.
Offers an overview of child support enforcement in DC.
Describes DC government programs to improve city cleanliness: the objectives, accomplishments, an events calendar, and a photo gallery.
Official site has archive of speeches, statements and news releases; mayor’s schedule; biography; cabinet; and information on policies and initiatives.
DCRA regulates businesses; issues business, professional and alcoholic beverage licenses; and regulates historic preservation, rental housing and real estate (This is the department that regulate all car & limousine service companies in Washington DC).

Information on home buyer assistance programs and housing-related economic development incentives.

Information on such programs as welfare reform, family services, early childhood development, rehabilitation services, mental retardation and developmental disability services.

Site describes the agency; tells how to obtain licenses; outlines consumer health insurance rights; and has forms for insurance complaints and fraud reports.
Describes the agency’s recreational facilities and programs, including scheduled classes in arts, crafts, fitness and computers; sports leagues; and child care.
Describes DDOT responsibilities for traffic, transit and roads in Washington, DC. Includes list of road and bridge construction projects, downloadable (PDF) transportation planning documents, list of upcoming construction contracts (PDF), information on public space permits, and snow emergency plans.
Provides information on environmental quality, hazardous materials, and toxic substances.

Regulates financial institutions in the District of Columbia. Site includes downloadable license application forms.

Deals with issues of discrimination, equal opportunity and human rights in the District of Columbia. Site has information on filing discrimination complaints (and downloadable complaint form) and on the agency’s mediation procedures. Some pages also in Spanish.

Fosters economic growth and the development of local, small and disadvantaged businesses in the District of Columbia. Site describes the agency’s programs and has downloadable (PDF format) business certification forms and information.

Oversees finances, budget, and taxation functions of the DC government. Site includes downloadable (PDF) tax forms and publications, as well as budget and financial reports; a searchable real property tax database; information on community development incentive programs, grants, and the activities and organization of the agency.

Site describes services the agency provides to DC’s elderly population, including health care, housing, legal assistance and transportation in Washington DC.

Regulates electric, gas and telephone utilities in the city. Site has customer information, case calendar and downloadable texts of commission documents.

COG is composed of 17 local governments in the Washington, DC area, plus legislators representing the region. Site describes COG programs dealing with transportation, the environment, housing, and other regional issues.

A DC government initiative for neighborhood planning, involving all sectors of the community. Site has an overview, summaries of planning meetings, and news updates.

DC government agency charged with representing the interests of utility ratepayers. Site has news and information on local electric, gas and phone utilities; consumer complaints; and activities of the office.

DC government agency charged with representing the interests of utility ratepayers. Site has news and information on local electric, gas and phone utilities; consumer complaints; and activities of the office.

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